IBS Analytics Club

The official Analytics Club of IBS Hyderabad.

About Club

Who are we?

IBS Analytics is a neonate club that has been inoculated as a new page of opus in ICFAI Business School. The club was unfolded by a team that has a keen aspiration towards systematic and problem-solving orientation towards analyzing dossier
The club members collectively have a belief to follow the process for endurable growth. The science of logical science shall be a pivot spike of career for the coming decades.
The club has a hypothesis of inoculating the latest business techniques for analyzing gen for better and accurate results and thereby imparting the knowledge among us.

 What do we do?

Provide students with skills, knowledge, and network to have a successful career in the fast-evolving world of Data Analytics. Realizing the prospective cross-functional demand for Analytics. Collaborating to gain knowledge of industry-specific tools. Be a premier internal club for conducting Analytics related events. Bridging the gap between what we are prepared for and what is expected. Be a platform for the campus to corporate.


Years of foundation


Flagship Event conducted


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Our Trends

Analytics Weekend

Analysis on Paytm !!

Analysis on Essar!!!

Analysis on Coursera!!!

Wait a minute....

We Believe

Started by a group of 12 students to provide students with skills, knowledge, and network to have a successful career in the dynamic world of Data Analytics, it has now become a family of 300+ members. The club acts as a bridge, narrowing the gap between what one knows and what is expected to know by collaborating with industry experts and imparting knowledge.

What are we?

Our 7 Verticals


MATRIX, the research vertical, teaches the significance of research and the appropriate ideology and methods to conduct significant and complex researches.


OPERATIONS vertical are supporters and back-end coordinators. They are responsible for all back-end work required for a successful event.


Every member of the EVENT vertical works together and collaborates with other verticals to make an event successful.


Just like every culture has a different tastes and likings, MARKETING vertical provides different flavours to the events and other club activities


The EDITORIAL vertical focusses on providing creative writeups for the posters made by Marketing vertical.


The DIGITAL vertical in collaboration with the Marketing vertical, focusses on making eye-catching posters and videos for the various club activities.


The NETWORKING AND PR vertical is responsible for connecting the club with external corporates to expand the club's horizons and expand its reach.